サイル マーシャル

Seil Marschall was founded in 1896 by Johann Marschall and is now still managed as a family business in the 4th generation. In the beginning there was the ropery, today, after more than 100 years of successful company history, there are different company divisions. These high-quality collections (Handmade in Good Old Germany) are only available in the finest retail stores in Europe and overseas.

Double leather bottom in full vegetable tannin leather to prevent the bag from losing its shape, The shoulder straps have wool felt padding to relieve weight on the shoulders. Hemp cord-string with buffalo horn cord-stopper, patches and straps that can be added to make use of bungee ropes and carabiners. Saddle leather, brass buckles, copper rivets, and the body and parts are made more robust.
The body and parts are more robustly constructed.

"Things to use and not to consume; things with aura, things that grow on your heart " durable- timeless -repairable.

SEIL MARSCHALL/サイル マーシャルは1896年にドイツで設立して以来、家族経営を続け、現在は4代目が後をついでいます。