S.E.H Kelly are Paul Vincent and Sara Kelly.
We began in 2009.
We’ve worked in the clothing industry in London for the best part of a decade, most recently for a house on Savile Row.
Savile Row was a terrific place to work; inspirational, day-in day-out — partly because of the associated craft of bespoke tailoring and the fame and heritage of the houses, and partly because we were privileged to
work alongside some of the best mills and factories in the country.
This was what really spurned on the founding of the label: the chance to do something new — to make garments more suited for everyday wear — with all those people and establishments encountered on the Row.
We decided we wanted to create a brand of our own, offering quality garments made with the makers of the British Isles — cloth from British mills and production with British factories.
So S.E.H Kelly was born.

The name S.E.H Kelly is simply made from Sara’s initials.
We looked to British tradition, and the old speciality stores (e.g. butchers and bakers) that used to be on every street in London’s East End, where the brand is based.
Unfortunately not many of these family-run stores remain, but we liked what they stand for: speciality products of quality.

S.E.H KELLYは 私たち2人(Paul Vincent と Sara Kelly)が2009年にスタートしたブランドです。

私たちはイギリス諸島のメーカーで作られた独自の品質を提供するブランドを立ち上げることを決めました。英国の工場から生まれた生地を使って英国で作る洋服、それが、S.E.H KELLY のブランドの発祥です。

ブランド名S.E.H KELLYはデザイナーの一人、Saraの名前の頭文字から作られています。我々 は英国の伝統や、イーストロンドンのどこにでもあったような古い専門店(肉屋やパンやなど)にブランドのベースを見出しています(そのお店がその人の名で看板を掲げているように)。残念ながらこれら多くの家族経営のお店は多く残っていません。私たちは、彼らの: 良質の製品の専門店、という立ち位置が好きなのです。