Personal Effects

パーソナル エフェクツ

Personal Effects are the items we carry on our persons. Those garments and products so essential that they merge into the wholeness of our lives: our work, our rest, our travels and our great instincts for adventure that so often get lost in the humdrum.

Personal Effects was born out of the belief that less is more, this ethos applies not only to design application but also to everyday life. Our aim is to imbue every carefully considered product with new-old meaning. To craft everyday objects that speak not only to artisanal skills and meticulously sourced materials

Throughout all our production we at Personal Effects are focused on creating a tight knit range of innovative, high quality garments, while always taking into consideration the environmental impact of what we create. We manufacture all of our garments, jewellery and accessories in London as well as buying where possible all our fabrics from British mills, this vastly reduces our carbon footprint and gives us greater control across the manufacturing process.

Personal Effectsとは私たちが身に付けるもの。 これらの衣服や製品は、私たちの生活全体に溶け込む、欠かせないもの。それは仕事や休息、旅や、しばし単調な仕事で失いそうになる冒険へのすばらしい本能など。

Personal Effectsは最小が最大であるという信念から生まれました。この精神はデザインへの適用だけでなく、日常生活にも当てはまることです。私たちの目指すところは、新旧の意味を持ちすべて慎重に考慮した製品に仕上げること。職人技や細心の注意を払って調達した素材について語るだけでなく、それで日常のものを作り上げること。