Walking into designer Sacha Knight's design studio, it is clear that there are two obvious sources of inspiration. Most of the room is filled with sketches and The room is littered with photographs and fragments of notes about vintage Native American Indian and U.S. military clothing. They make the Sacha mark and mix beautifully.
They make the Sacha mark and are beautifully mixed, which can be seen in the latest Knight Mills collection.
I love the idea of packing a tiny bag and going out. Trekking, camping, going to North America, where there is a lot of nature. I like the idea of packing a tiny bag and going out," she says.
to stare in awe at the vastness of the landscape, which can be shocking at times.
To roll out the mats, sleep under the stars, and feel the conditions to my heart's content under the open sky. That's how the collection was created.
When I design rugs and mats, I don't just think about using them in the house.
I believe they should be used to cover anything, anywhere you go. Whether in the house, rolled up and packed for a road trip, or when lying on a picnic, Use them to lie down and rest under the stars, etc."
Sasha is half Welsh and half American, with her grandfather having Nadive Amerindian Indian roots, She spent her childhood in California. She has always been inspired by Native American culture, the uniforms of the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War, as well as references to nature, expansive spaces, bikers cars, the occult, curiosities in general? and old buildings are equally important ideas in her life.

デザイナー・Sacha Knight (サシャ・ナイト)のデザインスタジオに入っていくと、明らかに 2 つのインスピレーションソースがあることがわかります。部屋のほとんどにスケッチとネイティブアメリカンインディアンと米国軍もののビンテージウエアに関しての写真とメモの破片が散らばっているからです。それらによって、サシャ印が出来上がり、美しくミックスされ、それは最新のナイトミルズコレクションでも見ることができます。
サシャは、ウェールズ人とアメリカ人のハーフで、お祖父さんがネイディブアメリアンインディアンのルーツを持ち、カリフォルニア州で幼年期を過ごしました。常にネイティブ アメリカンの文化、ベトナム戦争時代のアメリカ軍の制服に触発され、また、自然への言及、広がる空間、バイカー、オカルト、一般的に珍品?と言われるもの、古い建物、といった彼女の生活で重要なものが同様にアイデアとなっています。