From the UK. Designer Tomoko Yamanaka, who specialises in knitwear, has set up her own British alpaca project and produces collections using materials that can be traced back to the sender, in partnership with makers whose faces can be seen, and using techniques backed up by advanced technology. The designs are beautifully unique, with quirky, interesting and offbeat details.


BritishAlpaca Project

It was always a dream of mine as a knitwear designer to have my own yarn, knowing where the fleece are coming from, developed in order to create my collection. That dream became a reality by chance one summer while I was on holiday in Devon near Dartmoor when I met a local Alpaca farm owner Diane in a little haberdashery shop in town. She just happened to be in front of me in a queue at the casher hoping to sell a bag full of Alpaca fleece labelled with a photo of a brown coloured alpaca called “Titan”. I couldn’t help but enquiring about her fleece and at the end of our chat, I was on my way home with her fleece. I didn’t merely make a purchase of Alpaca fleece there as I also made my first step into my British Alpaca Project on that day.

Tomoko Yamanaka


ヤマナカ トモコ