チャーリー ボロウ

A Maker of Bags and Accessories.

Founded officially in 2013 with the goal of crafting the highest quality, most durable and hardwearing bags on the market. Inspiration is taken from functional utility wares, old-military trademarks and heavy-duty construction. Every design made combines functionality, durability and high-end traditional craftsmanship.

Using Bridle leathers and hand cast hardware from England; super heavy 24oz water-resistant Cotton Canvas dyed and proofed in Scotland, panel hides from Italy and Swiss Riri zippers. Each component and material is carefully selected for its durability and longevity. All the products are expertly hand cut, sewn and constructed using traditional Saddlers manufacturing methods in the London workshop one at a time, by one set of hands from start to finish.

With the time and care taken to produce the products and quality of the material used, each bags is guaranteed to last and is warranted with a lifetime of repairs.

A Maker of Bags and Accessories.

2013年に最高品質で強靭なバッグをマーケットに送り出す目標を掲げて正式にスタートしたCharlie Borrow. そのインスピレーションは機能的なユーティリティー製品、オールドミリタリー製品の特長、ヘビーデューティーな構造などから得ています。